Learning to play an instrument is such a valuable skill for today’s world. My passion is helping beginning learners take their first steps on their musical journey. Maybe you have a child who desperately wants to learn to play the violin, or maybe you’re an adult who has wanted to learn the violin for years…but life just kept getting in the way! Either way, I’d love to get to know you, and help you start your very own musical journey.

Some of my children, watching for their Daddy to come back.

I’ve been playing the violin since the age of 4, when I started with a tiny little 1/16th sized instrument! I was very fortunate to live with musician parents with access to many wonderful teachers. But, now, living here in rural Texas, there aren’t so many choices if you want to learn to play the violin! So, I have a mission to bring information and violin lessons to people who may not have so many resources close at hand.

The view from our back gardens.

All the way from picking out your first instrument, to playing your first concerto…and what is a concerto, anyway?

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I offer private violin lessons for students of all ages. There’s no need to drive an hour (or even more) to learn to play this wonderful instrument! Learn to play the violin closer to home with me at Family Farm Violin School.

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Raising a little culture on the Family Farm…

I am a violin-playing, homeschooling, mother of six beautiful children. We have a little farm outside of North Zulch, TX where we raise cattle, chickens, lots of vegetables, and just a little extra culture!


Family Farm Violin School

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